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Custom Config/Method to de-/activate Instantkill w/Melee Weapons


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Hello there with the change from 0.3.7 to 1.1 is the actionmode now availble.

I tried the Clientside methods to disable it on TickEvent:

if (Player.LocalPlayer.IsUsingActionMode())
	Player.LocalPlayer.SetUsingActionMode(false, -1, "-1");

But the Animation will get cancled but not the damage the kill still gets through.

An Method like "Player.LocalPlayer.DisableActionMode" would be cool.

Otherwise an Method to disable the aggressiv pose after Aim without a weapon would be cool too

Cause this one will not cancled sometime correctly.


Thanks in Advance

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I've read somewhere that the code below might help, but I have yet to test it in-game. If that doesn't work though I would really appreciate something like this as I've been unable to disable instant knife kills.


if(localPlayer.isPerformingStealthKill()) {

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