How to pass player from client to server while triggering an event

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I'm trying to pass player object to server while triggering an event and some people told me that is not needed because player is always a first parameter of event callback function

My structure looks like that:

Client:"onPlayerRequestRegister",(username, password, email)=>{
  // hud.destroy();
  //mp.gui.cursor.visible = false;
  const localPlayer = mp.players.local;
  if(!username) return hud.execute(`printError("Please enter your username");`);
  if(!email) return hud.execute(`printError("Please enter your email");`);
  if(!password) return hud.execute(`printError("Please enter your password");`);
  if(username && password && email){
    //trigger on reggister
    const user = {"player": localPlayer, "username": username, "password": password,"email":email} ;"onPlayerRequestRegister", JSON.stringify(user));


Server:"onPlayerRequestRegister", (args)=>{

and console.log("data",args) returns data { customData : {} } which is empty object,

So if somebody can write exact structure for event triggering that would be helpful.

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Server:"onPlayerRequestRegister", (player, args) => {
  console.log(`${} call onPlayerRequestRegister data : ${args}`);

if you call the event from the client side, the first argument on the server will always be the player who triggered the event

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first argument of server event always is player object"onPlayerRequestRegister", (player, args)=>{


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Try this

mp.trigger("callEvent", "onPlayerRequestRegister", JSON.stringify(user) );

I hope this helps


Edit more this"onPlayerRequestRegister", (player, args)=>{


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