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Connection Lost. Reconnecting...


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Please help me with this problem!!! I can't play 2-3 months because i have that problem. I Tried:

Use VPN- its worked but i don't have infinite VPN it costs money

Please Rage Help me I Don't have any Program(Msi Afterbourner or FPS Counter)

- Disable Windows Firewall.

- Pressed the HOME button when connecting to the server.

- Reinstalling RAGE MP, even on different discs.

- Checked the integrity of the GTA V files. 

I Installed a new Windows and i deleted everything

Please i Want so much to play in rage mp!!! Please help me and i think i have some ban on ip or on rockstar or idk...


P.S. I changed the router and from that day i can't join on any server in rage mp 0.3.7 and 1.1 inclusive

ScreenShot: https://imgur.com/a/SK8yzo4

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