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How do I edit the rpf file?


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I have a dlc.rpf interior of some building. I have added this to my server and it works very well. Because the interior is very big I wanted to close some doors and delete some of the unused cabinets. I tried using the OpenIV to see some textures, CodeWalker to load the whole GTA 5 map, but I don't know how to edit this dlc. I also tried using 3ds Max but I can't open this rpf file there. 192.168.l.l

I know that it is possible with OpenIV to take out the ymap files, but I am looking for a solution, where I could load the whole dlc.rpf and view the whole interior and not just some pieces. I think it is possible to use CodeWalker to load the whole dlc.rpf and from there to lock some doors or maybe someone could give me a hint of what software to use for this. 

Thanks in advance.

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