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Hey folks,

Glad you could find the time to drop into my thread. I am just starting out with RageMP server development, and I have got a few questions that I would like answered.


First off, what language should be my main gamemode language? Is it possible to have multiple languages in your gamemode, and what are the benefits one has over the other in terms of functions/events etc? I have basic knowledge of SAMP coding, so I am basically new to every language used by Rage. Could use some advice so I put my time into learning the right language.


Secondly, from what I have noticed so far, you can't exactly compile a gamemode unless you run the server or try the command in-game, which is if I didn't miss anything. So, is it possible to set up some sort of compiler in Visual Studio Code for NodeJS(what im currently using) or any other language? If yes, a detailed set of instructions would be lovely as I am just starting off.


Thanks for reading.

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