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OneLife Roleplay



OneLife Roleplay is a RageMP server that's currently in development. It's an English community focusing on hardcore roleplay levels. The server is owned by experienced roleplayers, to ensure our community stays as unbiased and friendly as possible, while ensuring the roleplay qualities are kept up.


What's planned?

Scripted Jobs - OneLife has a few jobs which are already fully built and ready to use, they've their own animations and uniforms where necessary.


  • Taxi Driver - Drive other players around when they lack a vehicle. Purchase your own personal taxi vehicle or rent one! You'll be sent anywhere around the county to pick up players and deliver them to their destination



  • Trucker - Drive a truck around the city, from the port to a business, and restock them for their next opening! Players can request extra crates for their business, and the trucker's job is to deliver to them. The truckers hold the city's businesses together.



  • Garbage Collector - Collect the garbage from people's houses, though it can be a very dirty job, the pay is exceptional!


Illegal groups - Create or join your own illegal group. Everything is possible, an Italian Mafia, to an Irish Mob. Any player is able to create a group. Buy warehouses to grow drugs, and store them in houses the group owns, or even own businesses, to make dirty money clean! The groups Faction Management find to be the best in roleplay quality and several other factors, will be promoted to an Illegal faction, bringing even more to the fun!


Businesses - Any player is allowed to purchase/create their own business. Businesses such as 24/7's and fuel stations will be for sale, but any player can purchase a property and begin any business they wish.


Drugs - One of the main aspects of criminal life, drugs. We provide a system currently featuring 6 drugs: Marijuana, Meth, Cocaine, LSD, Heroin, Magic Mushrooms. We plan to add more under the community's demand. Open a drug warehouse, or even grow them in your own home. All of the drugs have a special recipe dedicated to that one drug, and all of them have their own unique effects!


Character Slots - Every player will have access to 3 character slots.


And so much more! We cannot list everything, as we don't even have everything prepared yet, but we can assure you, there are a lot of features additional to this!

What makes this server unique?


This server is unique in many ways, we will have a system where once your character dies, they are dead forever (Exceptions are made for deaths to bugs/glitches) meaning each life must be treated carefully, and any wrong move may lead to a death, hence the name: OneLife. 


OneLife will have a food/hunger system, so all players will need to make sure to eat and drink, otherwise they could eventually die.


OneLife will also have a hygiene/health system, so make sure to get enough sleep, wash your clothing, and wash your character, otherwise it could lead to them smelling bad, or any other consequences.


How to join

As the server is not yet released, you cannot currently join, however, we are looking for testers, and just a community, so we encourage people to join our discord!







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