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Rage MP opens Rockstar Launcher which procedes to launch nothing!


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Hi guys, i've asked about this before but I am still having the issue, when I open Rage MP and connect to any server, it will open rockstar launcher but then launch nothing, please take a look at this video below which documents exactly my issue, I also opened up task manager to show you the programmes that were running in the background


I have already tried the following common solutions:

Disabled anti virus.

Had the rockstar games launcher opened while joining server.

Reinstalled Rage.

Reinstalled GTA.

Moved Rage folder location from Windows (C:) to Program Files.

Made sure there were not programs from the list of potentially incompatable programs that were open at the time of joining.

Used a VPN


I am on windows 10 and the latest version of GTA. My singleplayer and GTA Online is running perfectly. If anyone has any ideas on a solution I would greatly appreciate it,


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