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Logitech Lightsync with RageMP


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Does anyone use a Logitech product that lights up and use the Logitech G Hub software?

When I launch regular GTA V or GTA V: Online, my lighting on my keyboard (G915 TKL) and mouse (G502 Hero) remain unaffected. However, when I launch RageMP, it changes the color to blue and I am unable to change it back. Furthermore, if I tab out of game and tab back in, all the lighting is off, and I have to go in to ESC >> Settings >> Keyboard & Mouse and toggle the "Keyboard Light Effects" option OFF and ON to get it to turn back on.

All I want is for it to not touch the lighting effects. If I leave the Keyboard Light Effects setting in the GTA V menu off, the lights will not come on at all. They're red before I launch the game, then immediately turn off when I launch RageMP. No matter what settings I use in the Logitech G Hub Software, it does not fix this. The software claims "Games may still control lighting".


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