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1.42 Natives List

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For those you want to use the natives functions here's a file that will help you.

Link :

To use it simply add it on your folder and type :

const NATIVES = require('folder/natives');

Only JS for now, I'll probably do a TS one based on the work of CocaColaBear or Pet-Platoon.


(A little example to show you how to get infinite ammo)

var weaponHash = NATIVES.WEAPON.GET_SELECTED_PED_WEAPON(player.handle);`Result: ${weaponHash}`);
NATIVES.WEAPON.SET_PED_INFINITE_AMMO(player.handle, true, weaponHash);


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Hashes are inside the index.js file. For more informations you can search "gta 1.42 translation table".

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