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The bug that prevents the ragemp community from growing


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First of all, excuse my bad English. I am not a native speaker.

Start this post, to ask about what I think is the bug that prevents other servers from growing and others from having a monopoly. This is the one that shows all the servers with 120 ping.

For example, when I start the rage mp client, I see mostly Russian and German servers. Being a person from Latin America, I only want to see servers from my locality. If you decided to filter them according to the lowest ping, the result is the same, since the majority will be shown at 120 ping.

This prevents many local servers, dedicated for example to a specific country, from growing, while the usual servers get more users since the servers with the most players are shown first. On most games, the servers that show up first have the lowest ping, and this should be the case. Or at least the user will have an option to filter the ping correctly.

I hope this message reaches someone who is involved in ragemp development. Hopefully you can understand what is behind the pinging of the servers incorrectly. It's not just a visual bug, it directly affects all servers, it only benefits servers with more users. Also, this directly influences the user experience, for example it doesn't let me discover servers in my region which are the ones I really want to play.

This has been reported for years, and still hasn't been fixed.

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3 minutes ago, DevMarvin said:

Is it so important to you that the ping is displayed correctly? Sort by country, okay cool feature but who cares? Once DP#2 is out, RAGE is 11/10 anyway.

I consider that if a Colombian player wants to play a server with little ping. It is not fair that when ordering by minor ping, a Russian server comes out first at 120 ping. When in reality it has more than 300 ping.

Or another example. A server shows a Spanish flag for example, but your server is actually hosted by ovh Canada. So the server actually has more ping than expected, but the browser only shows 120 ping.
I find this to be easy to fix, as it previously worked fine for a period of time. I don't understand why they don't fix it. It's fair to know how much ping a server really has.


16 hours ago, Elliot said:

you're an idiot

It's not even worth answering a monkey that speaks with 3 words and 1 is an insult.
Previously, you had a server and it failed. This mistake hurt you more than you think. But your underdeveloped brain doesn't let you think about the details.
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