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Hosting a local RAGEMP server using LocalXpose


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Greetings community

I've got a router sadly sitting behind a CG-NAT which basically means i cannot port forward and i wanted to host my server locally on my machine


I've looked for alternative ways to do so and came up with the likes of LocalXpose/local.run/ngork,I've decided to go with LocalXpose because they support both TC/UDP protocols


however it's not working sadly when i connect from an external host to my server i get a connection lost/reconnecting


thing is with such websites/services like localxpose they give you a link/domain which has the ports opened and not my actual IP so i need a way to have the ragemp server/master list


to list the URL provided rather than my actual IP I've tried setting fqdn but no use,it still points to my actual IP


what am i doing wrong?

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@KopraIam well aware of that,seems like you did not understand my question


There are services like local.run and localxpose that allows you to port forward even if your ISP blocks this (using reverse proxy) and you usually get a domain name after you port forward using those servies, I even hosted an apache server using localxpose and was able to access it from outside my local network easily but my question is why does RAGE-MP does not show the domain I've set in the fqdn conf file but resolves my IP instead?

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