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RageMP freezes while connecting to a server


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Hello guys!

When I click on a server to join, then the RageMP freezes while loading the server. I can see the following black screen.



And it doesn't go further. I've been waiting for at least 30 mins, and nothing happened.
I tried to alt+tab, but I got back to this screen, couldn't see my desktop.

After restarting my PC, I experienced the same problem.

Unfortunately I have no idea, how could I solve it :/

I already tried the following:

-Restart the Computer

-Reinstall the RageMP (more times. Also to the same drive, and also tried to different drive, none of them worked)

-Starting GTA V (Singleplayer, and GTA Online worked fine)

-Disable cloud saves (in Rockstar Launcher)


The GTA Folder (in the RageMP client) is right, contains the GTAV.exe. And I also don't use any modifications.


Have you got any idea, how to solve the problem?

Thank you in advance!

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