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[C#]Chat Input String Modify


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Hello, guys. I hope this finds you well. I have just started developing a Rage server in C# and I was wondering if someone can help me with a thing. I would like to alter the chat input string, as in: the current string, when hitting T and writing something, it is something like > {name}: {message}. The problem is I cannot find anywhere the chat string function, unfortunately. as I want to customize it with different own things. I would very much appreciate the help on this one, please :) .

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15 hours ago, hash_ said:

why don't you do something simple like


var p = player;


I really appreciate the reply, thank you. While waiting for one, I turned the internet upside down searching and I discovered I should have turned off the Global Chat and alter the "OnChatMessage" Event with a "SendChatMessageToAll" function.  Thank you, once again ^_^

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