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My Client loads into ragemp through the game and not thru the correct launcher


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I've had this issue for the past few days and I have tried almost everything and read multiple forums. I've read grand 5 rp's tips on fixing it by redownloading the game and turning off antivirus, and along with that turning off all overlays that could possibly interfere. I have the game opening fine on my laptop and it doesn't have any issues but when I try on my desktop it doesn't open the same way. I tried taking the launcher files from my laptop and put them on my PC but that doesn't work either. The game loads into the screen that looks like the screenshot below and either crashes after going to a black screen or it stays loading in a loop with the screen moving to different pictures. Any help is appreciated! 


I also get this error in my main logs: SE EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) at address 0x00007FFE7CC88ED9 (0x2e28ed9) thread 13960 inside D:\RAGEMP\multiplayer.dll loaded at base address 0x00007FFE79E60000
Invalid operation: read at address 0x28



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