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Not able to use native PED::SET_PED_HEAD_OVERLAY


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First of all, my intention is not to use natives, but this is part of a testing process for a bigger problem of mine. 
Let's keep this very simple. In the end I WILL NOT use natives, It's a long story, I prefer to stay on this one small problem that I am at now.

So if I use the rage function for `setHeadOverlay` I can add eyebrows on my player, but when I use the same native, somehow nothing happens.

	mp.players.local.setHeadOverlay(2, 3, 1.0, 27, 27); //Works perfectly

	mp.game.invoke("0x7EFCF07CD12475BD", mp.players.local.handle, 2, 3, 1.0); // Does nothing

	//mp.game.invoke("0x147BB6F3C899F76B", mp.players.local.handle, 2, 1, 27, 27); I even tried to add this one after but it doesn't help

It's strange because it should just work if the rage function works.

There is obviously something I'm doing wrong but I cannot find it. And I haven't been able to talk to anyone who is using it at the moment.

This is where I found the hashes for the natives (Thanks McFloy!):

Thank you,

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added the source of my hashes
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