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Question regarding a style of gameplay


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Hey guys! I had some fun while trying to do a server from scratch and I want to thank all the guys answering my noob questions on discord in *javascript* and *clientside-js* so far. What I wasn't aware of was the complexity of syncing actions between client and server, generally speaking. The server I was working on should have a gameplay similar to Battlefield/Squad, so there should be heavy on-foot combat involved. In a realistic point of view (because I don't know that it takes to the whole process of "fixing/improving" animations and actions) would this style of gameplay be playable in the (near) future on Rage-MP?

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I can't see why it wouldn't be playable now. I sit with 200+ ping to 90% of the servers I connect to and have found Rage-MP sync to be fantastic (comparatively speaking).

Just keep it simple, make your gamemode and then optimise between serverside and clientside until your end-result "appears" bearable. If you desire anything more than what GTA:V is able to offer you then I'd suggest you look at a game engine of sorts.

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