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Rage shuts down after easy anticheat check


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Hello everybody! I'm trying to solve this issue for days. I even reinstalled windows so I was sure there was no other app causing the problem. I have the epic version, tried everything, from reinstalling, checking, deleting gta5.exe, change screen resolution in sigle player and so on, finished the whole forum by now, but no fix. Updated my graphics driver, i am using an laptop, ASUS X515EA, i3 11th gen, 8gb of ram, integrated video card. Single player works just fine. Here's a video of the problem. https://streamable.com/zdniky

So, run rage, join a server, epic launches, rockstar launches, easy anticheat launches. Easy ac is initializing, then waiting for game, 10 seconds later BOOM, everything is down. For a second before everything is down, rockstar launcher sends an error https://imgur.com/vR1mUOT the thing is i fixed this. Just deleted rockstar, restarted the pc, launch rage without rockstar installed so rage will install it. Error is not there anymore, but easyanticheat and rockstar still shuts down, but rage launcher is still there with an infinite Launching the game screen.

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