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I could use some help


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I'd like to apologize if the topic hasn't been created in the right place of this forum, but I really couldn't tell where else could I post this.

Also, I'm not sure I have the right to request something like that on this forum, but didn't find anything related to that in the rules. Sorry if I shouldn't.


I've been trying to reach some known modders about a request that I have, but most of them are not available and some others sent me to search for people that are doing mods for Rage:MP. Maybe I could find some here?

I would like to request a "mod" ? Or some kind of script that allows me to change the weather / hour whenever I connect on a RageMP server, but the change to be made only for me, no one else in the server should be affected. It's something like we used to have on SA:MP with Cleo. I would like to be able to do that, so I can set whatever hour I want in order to enjoy it more.

I am willing to pay for a mod like this that works on RageMP.

Thank you,

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