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automatically banned by EasyAntiCheat


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good day! I'm sorry that I created the theme again, I just wrote in Russian before, I decided to do it right! As they say, I'm with Everyone in the topic. When logging into the game, the server writes "You have been automatically tuned by EasyAntiCheat for cheating software. Global ban expire date: permanent"I didn't really do anything like that in the game, I did a season pass, after which the discount flew out and then the message "ban for always". DISCORD was launched at that time, and if I'm not mistaken, binder A5iBinder For 3 years of the game has never violated the rules and has not used cheats, my antivirus program is licensed, the antivirus did not find anything suspicious, played in normal mode. I ask you to help and be lenient to simple players!

SC name: mr. MironovSI
EPIC GAME ID: 0c7ad6d9943448c588f659afc42f3b61

Edited by mr.mironovsi
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