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Acting with close vehicles

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5 часов назад, Django93 сказал:

On my server all data is stored in Mysql. When a player wants to lock or unlock a vehicle, it is checked if he has a key for the vehicle. But I cut the part out.

Everyone has to know that himself, how he wants to implement it. Both varieties work.

I meant the definition vehicle of near player

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Posted (edited)
Am 13.3.2018 um 15:42 schrieb Bryan63:

What for? If there is a special tool for this?

let localPlayer = mp.players.local
let idVehicle =, localPlayer.position.y, localPlayer.position.z, 10, 0, 70)
let vehicle = mp.vehicles.atHandle(idVehicle)"lockVehicle", vehicle)

//server-side"lockVehicle", (player, vehicle) => vehicle.locked = !vehicle.locked)


Hey Bryan,

I tried 3 hours figuring out why your code doesn't want to work for me. Unfortunately i couldn't find the issue. Does that Code work for you?


Edit: I figured out your code works, but only when i press F at the same time. Do you know where the issue could be?


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