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Hi, I recently started playing Rage mp.
I need help setting up the game.
For example, I would like to change the game interface (health and armor scale), change the overview map (add my own labels) and add a damage indicator / damage counter.
But I don't understand where exactly I need to change these files? in the Steam folder of the game? or in the RAGEMP folder? 

I am new not only to Rage mp but to GTA V in general.
I've already figured out how to install mods, but after installing them I can only play the story campaign, although some players use the custom interface without any problems on the servers.

Could you please explain to me how this happens? and why (in the public domain) it is impossible to find a custom hud/sight/damage counter?

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Modding default game files is discouraged for many reasons, RAGEMP has provided new and better method to do it. First servers need to allow it globally, it's either on or off for everyone, so check with other players if mods are allowed on that server. You need to pack up your mods into a DLC archive using OpenIV or CodeWalker RPF explorer. It's not a straightforward process and understanding it takes a bit time and practice with modding, mostly to get used to GTA 5's game structure. I suggest you that you join discord server if you haven't already, there is a whole channel dedicated to modding named #game-modding, there you can get much more information about it from fellow community members that do modding. 


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