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Testing P2P stuff during dev


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I've been developing a server on RageMP. How do you test P2P stuff like player transactions, actions, etc with another player. Is it possible to run another instance of RageMP to spawn in another player to test such stuff out?


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In term of another instance you can only create NPC, but how would you check and transfer money on npc account is whole another story then P2P so I think there is no point in doing this. If you want to check it from real player then you need to have another copy of GTA V or open your server and ask someone to test script with you.

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Im not sure where @trolovecro got his source of informations, but it's completely wrong in all means, Players and NPCs are not nearly the same and you can't interact in that manner.

You can run multiple instances of RAGEMP on same PC but only if you own a game on Rockstar Games Launcher. Other launchers are not supported for this feature. You need to create an empty .txt file inside root folder of your RAGEMP installation named enable-sc-multi-instancing.txt . After that you can start as many instances as you want.

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Smiri dozivljaje prijatelju :D Ti se ocito ne mozes pomirit sa cinjenicom da moj odgovor nije tocan ali nije ni netocan. Ali tvoja agresivnost i velika pamet bi trebala biti prihvacena bez upita i prihvacena bez bilo kakvog odgovora. Opusti se i makni se s posta. Imas moj discord pa mi uvijek mozes javit. Pozz

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