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Can't install rage


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So, i was was playing rage 2 weeks ago, and stopped. When i came back i couldn't launch it, so i uninstalled it and now i can't install it back. When i run rage multiplayer.msi windows installer window show up and closes, nothing more showes up. Can someone help me? I reinstalled java in the meantime, is it a problem?

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10 hours ago, Xabi said:

There's only a file called updater.exe to install RAGE Multiplayer, what's that .msi you're running?

This is a good question, where did you get the download link from? If you didn't get it off the official rage website I highly suggest running a virus scan asap.

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7 hours ago, kerts93 said:

@Xabi @Joshua  @MrPancakers If you download Rage from rage.mp homepage (you know the big orange download button ;)) it comes in a file RAGE_Multiplayer.zip, if you open that - RAGE Multiplayer.msi is the installer it gives you:


That indeed does intall RageMP to the client (I used the same thing).

Alright nevermind then lmao, I'm still used to when we just got the updater. Just glad it wasn't some shifty installer on a youtube video.

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