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Random "Soft" Disconnects?


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Very weird issue i'm having, just installed RageMP today and I can connect to servers somewhat okay, sometimes I can't see anyone or anything and have to re-log a few times to get it to work.

The big issue I'm facing is as follows:

I'll join a server sit around for a little bit or do whatever and then at some random point the following occurs:


The TAB Scoreboard is completely empty and no longer shows any players
I can no longer speak using N, can't send any chat messages (Can type them but they won't send), nor can I send a text command
I cannot interact with anything or use custom binds (I.e. F5 to open server menus etc)

I can however still see people move around and hear them.


It's almost like its loaded fine, but just not properly?


Re-connecting via F1 Just gets stuck in an endless loop saying "lost reconnection.... Retrying" and re-connecting by restarting the game doesn't seem to resolve it at all.

Using Steam GTA latest version, re-verified the game files and they came back fine.  Re-installed Rage multiple times but to no avail.


Any ideas?

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