Wont load C sharp packages

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Is it possible to use C# as a server side and javascript as a client side? Where should I put the C# files in order for the server to recognize them?

Right now I got javascript server/client working... but I cant manage to get C# working... even as simple script as "Hello world"  console output when server starts.

Tried this => https://wiki.gtanet.work/index.php?title=Setting_Up_a_Development_Environment_using_Visual_Studio_Code

But it seems like it wont load the packages.

I also get this error while startup

WARNING: bridge.dll not initialized, in order to use the C#-API, make sure 'bridge/runtime/coreclr.dll' is accessible.
INFO: this warning can be disabled by adding '"csharp" : disabled' in the conf.json file

Any ideas?

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If some admin could move this post under "Server" subtopic, it would be great.

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