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Partyserver Team Deathmatch - Race / DM / Stunt


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Discord: https://discord.gg/ExPkVqHyWp




PartyServer is a team deathmatch script that is based around Sandy Shores. There are currently 5 teams, SWAT, Pilots, Hicks, Farmers, Nang and Whores however we are planning on adding more as the server progresses. Come log on and shoot some people.

We're looking for active staff/testers so if you're interested join the discord.



  • Teams Each team have their own weapon loadouts & perks, some of these perks include armored vehicles, ammo regeneration, the ability to heal players around you and extra armor on spawn. 
  • Races: There are currently 5 races that can be started by any admin. There are leaderboards for race time, racers joined and more.
  • Translations There are currently 4 different language translations (This is a work in progress)
  • Achievements The server has several achievements that you can unlock while playing, once you achieve them you will be rewarded with weapons, money or score 
  • Objectives There are 3 capture points around the grand senora desert which each take 60 seconds to capture for your respective team, once captured you will receive a score boost and some money which you can use to purchase weapons & upgrades at the ammunation points.
  • Leader boards There are leader boards that are visible ingame. At this stage of development we are only showing the top 5 players (kills) and the top 5 clans (KDR), more will be added as we collect more data.
  • Clans Clans can be created ingame by any player, once created the leader can invite people & manage the clan. Clans will record the amount of kills, deaths and members the clan has. In the future we will show captures & play time. 
  • 1v1 Duels You can request to duel any player in the server, your results will be recorded and are visible at any time in /stats
  • PartyHour Administrators can start partyhour which will spawn a lot of weaponized vehicles around around the map. This hour will also include double score and money.
  • Discord presence Discord users can check the player count and chat with players who are currently ingame
  • Turf wars Each team have one locked turf at their spawn point and there are 50ish other ones around Sandy Shores that are available to claim. It takes 3 members of the same team standing on a turf to begin the capture, the capture time is 2 minutes and the team with the most kills inside that time will win the turf.
  • Random events Such as airdrops to claim, teams to play as, word puzzles etc
  • Voice: Voice chat is currently enabled for local chat only (hold 'B' to chat). In upcoming updates we will add team and clan chat channels. 






Clan system:




Gameplay (Old)



Development Media


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24 minutes ago, phoenix said:

Nice, good luck, I would add a second translation, to Spanish and other :P:)

This is an interesting concept. I remember during SA-MP a lot of the freeroam servers did this as well. Would be interesting to see servers create an environment for different languages. 

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Added 50 or so team turfs, they take 3 members of the enemy team to begin a war, once a war has started the team that gets the most kills in the turf within 2 minutes will win the turf (money reward).

Planning on adding a lot more turfs once I workout a good way to place them :)


Some more updates:


Duels now give 100 hp to each party
There is now a 50/50 chance to get a random drop of health/armor when you kill an enemy
Secret pickups now spawn every 20 minutes
Changed the way the player list works to be more responsive
Changed how player blips work for server stability 
Added turfs for each team (takes 3 members standing on an enemys' turf to start it, it will last for 2 minutes, team with the most kills wins the turf)
Added an in-game turf editor for admins
Teams now use freemode skins
Added a mask shop ($2000 for a mask)
Added random appearances for each team now every time you spawn (hair/face/skin color)




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  • Elliot changed the title to Partyserver Team Deathmatch - Race / DM / Stunt

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