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Launch Day - GTA V Trucking [BETA Release]! [DISCONTINUED]


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GTA V Trucking


This project has been discontinued.




  • Cruise control (toggle by C) and basic player commands and basic admin system.
  • Fuel system, gas stations all over the map, speedometer, wrong lane detector
  • Banking System with ATMs all over the map and 4% PA interest rate.
  • Trucking Missions, you can do trucking missions alone or in a convoy.



  • /work : to start a mission
  • /cancel : to cancel ongoing mission
  • /stats
  • /assistance : to flip truck trailer
  • /id
  • /pm : private message
  • /ranks : See your truck driving rank based on experience, see /stats to see current rank
  • /rules : server rules
  • /reclass : choose different skin
  • /bank : to see your bank account
  • /detach : to detach a trailer
  • /join : to join other player and form a convoy
  • /leaveconvoy : to leave the convoy and start trucking independently
  • /remove : to remove a player from convoy, only for the convoy leader
  • Press C for toggling Cruise Control when inside a truck.



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On 16/4/2018 at 10:32 PM, Captien said:

Euro Truck simulator 3 when


Adding Screen shots and more details could motivate some players to check your server up..

Indeed, screenshots would be highly appreciated! It's nice to see the good old concept of trucking moving to GTA:V!

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