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What is the players favorites gamemode.


Favorite Gamemode  

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  1. 1. What is the most favorite gamemode for you?

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    • RPG

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Everywhere i look over the 2 games, GTA SA and GTA V, the big difference between this two was the gamemode. Now, i want to ask you a question, what is the favorites gamemode you play and why. I look over the community and i see a lot of GTA V RP servers that is dominating everywhere in every country. On the other side, on GTA SA, most people plays on gamemode like RPG.

Can a RPG gamemode on GTA V can be in front of servers like RP?
What is your opinion?  

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RP and RPG are essentially the same thing, difference you are trying to point out has vanished from existence long time ago. In my opinion same gamemode could be used both for hard roleplay and for medium roleplay, what separates it is rules and how hard they are enforced on players, nothing else. I think the number of players playing on medium roleplay servers shows that people enjoy it much more than any other kind.

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