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[Tutorial] Configuring your server


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Configuring the server

If you have fresh installed RAGE Multiplayer and you're aiming to create a new server, you'll need to know how to configure it. There are multiple parameters you can define on the conf.json file, located under server-files folder in path where you installed this mod. This will allow you to change some default values like used ports, refresh rates and more things explained below.


Parameter list

When openning the file for first time, you will find something like this on it:

        "announce": false,
        "bind": "",
        "gamemode": "freeroam", 
        "name": "RAGE:MP Unofficial server", 
        "maxplayers": 100,
        "port": 22005,
        "streamdistance": 500.0

Those are some of the parameters we can configure and it will be as easy as adding a new line to that list with the desired key values from the list below:

  • announce -> This parameter takes a boolean value (true/false) and it's used to announce (true) or not (false) the server on the master list, default value is false
  • bind -> Defines the public IP address from the server you are hosting, default value is
  • gamemode -> The name of your gamemode, which will be displayed on the server list, default value is freeroam
  • encryption -> Whether the connection to the server will be encrypted or not (true/false values), default value is false
  • maxplayers -> The maximum ammount of concurrent players that can be online in the server, default value is 100
  • name -> Your server's unique name, this will help people to find and filter your server in that big server list, default value is RAGE:MP Unofficial server
  • stream-distance -> The maximum distance at which player will be streamed, default value is 500.0
  • port -> The UDP port that the server will be listening to, remember that the TCP/IP will be the next number to this one, default value is 22005
  • disallow-multiple-connections-per-ip -> Allows (false) or disallows (true) multiple players to connect from the same IP address, default value is false
  • limit-time-of-connections-per-ip -> Maximum time a player can try to reconnect before getting timeout, default value is 0
  • url -> The URL of your website, where you give more information about the server
  • language -> The language used in your server, it takes two characters, default value is en
  • sync-rate -> This number indicates how many times per second the server has to synchronize its entities, default value is 40
  • resource-scan-thread-limit -> Indicates the maximum number of threads used for resource scanning
  • max-ping -> Maximum ping a player can have to be able to play in the server
  • min-fps -> Minimum frames per second a player needs to be able to play in the server
  • max-packet-loss -> Maximum packet loss a player can have to be able to play in the server
  • min-game-version -> Minimum game version required to be able to connect to the server
  • allow-cef-debugging -> Whether the client can (true) or not (false) debug the server's CEF pages
  • csharp -> If your server will be using the C# bridge plugin set it to true, else don't add this line
  • enable-http-security -> When set to true, enables an extra security layer to avoid the server being flooded by fake HTTP requests

Note: Numbers and boolean values don't need quotation marks, you should only use them on text parameters.

Link to the original Wiki article:

Server settings


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