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Tutorial Guidelines


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Guidelines for Tutorial Section

Welcome to the "Tutorials" section of our forums! This section was created to allow community members to create content to share with the community with the intent of "lending a hand" to those who may be struggling with their efforts of creating a server. Please understand all tutorials in this section are user made and is not official documentation of RAGE MP (Wiki here).


Tutorial Quality

In order to ensure the utmost quality in the knowledgebase being shared in this section any tutorials that share inaccurate information may be removed at any time. RAGE MP Staff is not responsible for maintaining any article within this section and will simply remove all fallacious content, any information that is outdated will be archived.


Featuring of Tutorials

Certain Tutorials may become "Featured" if it is viewed by RAGE MP Staff to meet the following standards;

  1. The tutorial has a very clean layout.
  2. The tutorial is easy to read and understand (for developers).
  3. The tutorial is informative and accurate to the best of the creator's ability. 
  4. The tutorial properly references any materials used. (Wiki links, etc)


Outdated Material (Removal/Archiving)

In instances where you notice that any content may be inaccurate or outdated simply respond to the thread for the original poster to correct these issues. If the content is not updated within about a months time of it being outdated the thread will be archived, please report these threads (with Forum report functionality) and we will work as fast as possible to resolve it.


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