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Resource Guidelines/Disclaimer


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Hey Guys,

If you plan on releasing a resource it is suggested that you also upload it to the "Resources" platform on the RAGE Website. Now that's out of the way, let's set some guidelines for the Resource Section on the forums and the Resources Platform.


  • Any resource released should be created by yourself, or with the permission of the resource creator. (E.g. Do not post leaked content).
  • The resource must be for RAGE MP and may not be for another modification and/or game.
  • Resources are not to contain backdoors, malicious code, or any other code that is intended for the purpose of tampering, destroying, or alter another individual's server - Unless it's specifically stated in the resource thread.


A Resource is content created by RAGE MP community members and therefore are not created by the RAGE MP Team, use these resource at your own risk. 

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