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event playerCreateWaypoint register after can not call


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    player_location = position;
    mp.game.graphics.notify(`Press ~r~G ~w~if you want teleport to the waypoint.`);

call in client_resources


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player ?
This is a client script ? For client you don't have player as pattern
And make sure that you using call arguments in array.

See this exemple: 

/* ServerSide Script*/
let someColShape = mp.colshapes.newRectangle(0, 0, 100, 100);
function playerEnterColshapeHandler(player, shape) {
  if(shape == someColShape) {
    console.log(`${player.name} entered the colshape`);
    player.call("playerCreateWaypoint", [-3058.714, 3329.19, 12.5844])
    /* I can only use numbers, string or boolean. 
    If I need send object to client I have to convert in JSON format

mp.events.add("playerEnterColshape", playerEnterColshapeHandler);
/* ClientSide script*/
var player_location = null;
mp.events.add("playerCreateWaypoint",function(x, y, z) {
    player_location = new mp.Vector3(x, y, z);
    mp.game.graphics.notify(`Press ~r~G ~w~if you want teleport to the waypoint.`);
//Get keycode here -> http://keycode.info/
mp.keys.bind(71/*G*/, true, function() {
	if(player_location !== null)
      mp.players.local.position = player_location;
      player_location = null;



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