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Linux Server Crash

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Good day community,
I have a problem that my server always crashes on Linux (Debian).

I do not know why, but maybe someone here knows why that could be.

Console Log:

Error: async hook stack has become corrupted (actual: 84, expected: 85)
 1: 0x55c3a32c3a39 [./server]
 2: 0x55c3a32cbdc3 [./server]
 3: 0x55c3a329d11c [./server]
 4: 0x55c3a3353c34 [./server]
 5: 0x55c3a3e48f45 [./server]
 6: 0x55c3a3e3a25b [./server]
 7: 0x55c3a3232d2f [./server]
 8: 0x55c3a316de60 [./server]
 9: 0x55c3a321f14c [./server]
10: 0x55c3a3164fa7 [./server]
11: __libc_start_main [/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/]
12: 0x55c3a31687fa [./server]

It would be nice if someone could help me there.

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Apparently that happens when you have uncaught exceptions in async functions. So I'd take a look at those.

Or you're updating an object that doesn't exist.

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Yes, have found the cause, but do not know what's wrong with it.

function savePlayerAccount(player) {
    const position = misc.convertOBJToJSON(player.position, player.heading, 0.1);
    misc.query(`UPDATE users SET position = '${position}', dim = '${player.dimension}', lastlogindate = '${new Date()}' WHERE username = '${}'`);
    misc.log.debug(`${} gespeichert`);


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