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Base MySQL Gamemode [Login/Registration System]


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I no longer recommend this resource and instead suggest using this resource:


I created a basic MySQL Login/Registration script which can register new accounts and login to ones already created. Passwords are encrypted using BCrypt so they're not plain text. As of now the database only stores a username, password, position and money for testing and examples. I'll be keeping this thread open for people to post any issues or suggestions, issues and suggestions can also be put into the repo to be easily tracked. I do plan to possibly implement a small admin system, however, this won't be put into this project, it'll be a separate download as the main focus for this is to simply have an example for any newcomers to understand how it works.

Any suggestions/feedback are appreciated, trying to build on my Javascript skills through this project.

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10 hours ago, Joshua said:

Well, no matter what the intentions are for this, it's great to have smaller resource to display things such as working with MySQL connections.

Yeah the plan was to just have it only released on Github and once tested a little it'll be put into the Rage resources tab, just wanted to be sure I actually had everything packed into it that are required and others are able to actually get it to work.

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  • Data now saves upon quitting the server
  • Player position added to the DB (Your position now saves/loads upon logging in/registering)
  • Added minimum requirements for username/password(Which means fixed the issue of being able to register without one)
  • Your username upon registering should now apply
  • Added a check to see if an account is currently logged into (This hasn't been tested with another player).
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I officially published this as a resource on RageMP here: 

 use that one if you want one that'll be working, otherwise, in the future, the Github version will always be considered a development branch and I cannot guarantee everything works.

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