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How do I add mods (or plugins) to my private server ?


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I've got a server up and running (just testing), but when I join it I can't do anything. All the mods I have from the original GTA V are disabled, and I'm on a bald character, with no blips on the map, no traffic or peds. I assume you're supposed to fill up the server with plugins, but I don't know where to start. This is gonna be a relatively simple server, I just want a trainer (like enhanced native trainer) to work in it, along with modded addon vehicles. I hope someone can help me figure this out.

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You can add mods like cars and stuff by following this guide: 


Trainers and stuff won't work on rage, you are correct that your world should be empty. There are no NPCs or vehicles, you basically have a clean map to do anything you want with them. Look at the resources tab at the top for some resources people have released to get you an idea. If you want NPCs around the map you have to code it yourself, but this isn't an easy task to do so if you're new to coding, don't expect to be able to implement it in a day.

Read our wiki here to get more information as well: https://wiki.rage.mp

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