MySQL connect() isnt working.

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I am using the following code:

var SQL = require('mysql')
var c = SQL.createConnection({
  host: '*here was my ip*',
  user: '*here was my user*',
  password: '*here was my password*',
  database: '*here was my database*'
c.connect(function(e) {
if(e) {
	console.log("Error connecting to the database with error "+e);
else {
	console.log('Database connected!')
c.query("INSERT INTO Cars VALUES (5,5,5,5,123)")
c.query("SELECT * FROM Cars", (err, result) => {

and it doesnt work when I run it as a part of server package, but works well when I run it with Node.


Please, help me.

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I have a simelar issue (not with connection but with some transaction calls) ... did you found a solution (so that I maybe have a point where I have to look?)

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