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mp.events.add('authenticate', () => {
  // activeBrowser is a global var (global.activeBrowser)
  activeBrowser = mp.browsers.new('package://browser/authentication/index.html')
  mp.events.add('browserDomReady', () => {

    mp.events.add('loginFormSubmit', (username, password) => {

      mp.events.add('authenticationResponse', (error, jwt, spawn) => {
        if (error !== null) {
          //Handle Error
        } else {
          global.jwt = jwt;

        return true;

      mp.events.callRemote('authenticationRequest', username, password);
      return true;

    return true;
  mp.gui.cursor.show(true, true);

Hello together,


ive wrote this code. Ive got 2 problems.

The first is the mp.trigger on the browser side is not working well because i cant pass variables through it.

I used it in cef like this => `mp.trigger('EVENT', param1, param2)`

The second problem is that i cant destroy the browser without an error.

Ive got a global var activeBrowser which i use all time in this script. But on activeBrowser.destroy() the error is "expected multiplayer object" 


I hope u can help me.

Thanks and have a nice day

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same problem:

user property is my sequalize model class with data binded

player.call("user:register", [player, user]);

trying to call this.

if(user.x && user.y && user.z){
    mp.game.player.startPlayerTeleport(user.x,user.y,user.z, 0.0, true,true,true);
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