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cef.execute with an array?


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Hi, as the title says, i'm trying to pass an array into a cef.execute function as here is:

function inject(execute) {

The array is Args, where it is by default:

args = [
["Faction", "Test"]
I'm trying to solve this problem, but i'm stuck.
If anybody could help it would be great
Problem solved, see below!
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browser.emit = (eventName, ...args) => {

    let argumentsString = '';

    for (let arg of args) {
        switch (typeof arg) {
            case 'string': {
                argumentsString += `'${arg}', `;
            case 'number':
            case 'boolean': {
                argumentsString += `${arg}, `;
            case 'object': {
                argumentsString += `${JSON.stringify(arg)}, `;

    browser.execute(`typeof window['${eventName}'] !== 'undefined' && window['${eventName}'](${argumentsString})`);

browser.emit('popup', 'kek', 'lol', ['test', 'cheburek']);


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1 час назад, Protocole сказал:

Thank you, very useful.


And if anybody seeing this in future, JSON.stringify() transform object into string, and to get it back to obj do JSON.parse() :)

from clientside to CEF, if you use the function above, you do not need to use JSON.stringify

and if from CEF in clientside, then you need to use JSON.stringify / parse

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