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RAGEMP throws me into Singleplayer


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Hello there,

I have been trying very hard for about a day now to get my RAGEMP to run properly. The problem I have had first was that I have been receiving this message right here:

It's basically saying that I cannot establish a connection to the remote server.

This problem only occurred when I changed the installing direction to a different drive into a sub-folder. After twenty times of trying I then just left the installation direction on the drive partition C and I suddenly was able to install the launcher, the error didn't occur anymore.

Now the other problem I have is whether I start the game over the RAGEMP server list, over direct connect or just over the RAGEMP button in the middle of the launcher, I am always thrown into Singleplayer and therefore I'm not able to play sadly.

After I then quit the Singleplayer my ragemp_v.exe and updater.exe disappear and when deinstalling the launcher again to be able to start the launcher again over the files I have to kill a process over the task manager called "Runtime broker".

Anyone got a clue because I'm clearly not able to get through here.

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