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Server shutdown event


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Hey guys

first of all i'm not sure if this is the right area so pls dont be mean ;)

I am about to make an Roleplay script and got a little problem. I have to say that i am a bit new to nodejs i am new in ragemp and just got experience with C# (GTMP) and Pawn(Samp).

When i create my Vehicle handling (load save and stuff) i does it in that way 

- Loading all Vehicles from Database on Server start

- Save a vehicle on special tasks like create, take dmg, player exit

- save all Vehicles on server stop (to avoid any save troubles)


i didnt find any serverStop event in ragemp wiki. normaly it didnt need to save any vehicle on server stop because i save it everytime a player leave the Vehicle. BUT i want to add smth like an Mechanicle team and the PD should have a option to tow a wrong parked vehicle when it is looked 


can you say me an way to call functions on serverstop 



an other way is to create a timer every 10 sek. and check if the vehicle moved and when save it. but i think if there are maybe 50 players and everyone driving they are 50 querys every 10 second sounds like performance troubles

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