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[C#] Useful code snippets


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I thought I'd just make a topic where people can post useful snippets.

I think it's best to link to GitHub for these, I've created a collection of my own here.

These include (so far):

  • A helper for running NAPI methods from async functions
  • A helper for trailer attach/detach events, as they're a little broken atm.
  • Vehicle extensions
    • Get driver (Vehicle.Occupants is also broken for C# atm, this method is an alternative, at least for getting the driver)
    • Get model hash
    • Trailer is being trailered (Another thing that is a little broken is Vehicle.Trailer, this method returns a bool whether a trailer is being trailered or not)

I won't explain how to use these snippets in-depth, you should be able to implement them if you have experience with C#. Most are drop-in pieces of code.

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