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I tried the Map Editor in resources, but seems not to be up to date (Save seems not to work), i also tried the XML to Json converter from the native mod Map Editor but mapping still not working IG, but it says map is loaded.


Any solution? Another mod ? JSon ? Software? Help about the json file? :x

Here is the mapping test:

	"?xml": {
		"@version": "1.0",
		"@encoding": "utf-8"
	"Map": {
		"@xmlns:xsd": "http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema",
		"@xmlns:xsi": "http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance",
		"Objects": {
			"MapObject": {
				"@Id": "Test",
				"Type": "Prop",
				"Position": {
					"X": "-0.284083962",
					"Y": "7.24571753",
					"Z": "69.86292"
				"Rotation": {
					"X": "0",
					"Y": "0",
					"Z": "0"
				"Hash": "-963028771",
				"Dynamic": "false",
				"Quaternion": {
					"X": "0",
					"Y": "0",
					"Z": "0",
					"W": "1"
				"Door": "false"
		"RemoveFromWorld": null,
		"Markers": null,
		"Metadata": {
			"Name": "Nameless Map",
			"Description": null,
			"LoadingPoint": {
				"@xsi:nil": "true"
			"TeleportPoint": {
				"@xsi:nil": "true"


UPDATE: It says "Can't parse the map" when trying to load the map

Thanks for help :D

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