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How do I disabled specific commands?


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В 06.01.2017 в 22:19, LilBuddyy сказал:

I want to disabled certain explosive weapons and vehicles. I joined a server today that had the /veh hydra and /veh rhino disabled and was wondering how I could do the same

For example 

module.exports = {
	"veh": (player, args) => {
		var pos = player.position;
		pos.x += 2.0;
		if(args[1] == "hydra") {	// If player use /veh hydra 
			player.outputChatBox("<b>Hydra - vehicle for admins!!!!</b>"); // Send him message
		} else { 
			player.veh = mp.vehicles.new(mp.joaat(args[1]), pos);
			player.veh.dimension = player.dimension;

Also do with weapons or with skins..

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