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entityStreamOut + Ped issue


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Hello o/


I'm not entirely sure if this is the correct section to post this question in, but seeing as it's script related and not really a client/server issue I went with it.

So my issue is the 'entityStreamOut' event doesn't seem to be fired off once I leave the streaming area of a ped. The ped is created using the client sided API mp.peds.new



Sending a simple gui chat push on the streamIn event when creating the ped works fine and I get the message when I re-enter the streaming range of the ped. However if I went with the normal events such as;



Neither of them picks up the ped in question. They do work however as I placed a vehicle at the same location as the ped and the vehicle gets sent through the 'entityStreamIn' &  'entityStreamOut'.

I know I'm streaming out with the ped, but how I capture or listen in on that event when those two wont do the trick?


Any help is appreciated! Thank you.



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