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So I'm wondering-- in GTA:W, (and I'm not sure this is only GTAW) a friend and I have two vehicles. One is a fully modded Savestra, the other is a fully modded 190z. Now, stats wise-- these both have the same speed, but the 190z should have better acceleration, (among other things).


However, not only does it not have higher acceleration-- it also has a lower top speed, poorer handling-- and almost inverse stats to the GTA:O version.


Is this a Rage MP issue? Or a GTA:W issue?


Sorry if this seems really the opposite of savvy and stupid, I'm genuinely just curious.

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Have you asked them if they modify anything else apart from just applying the mod?

Could also be possible that the mods you think you might have aren't the same as the ones in GTA:O, they may possibly be not applied.

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