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Ped wont take damage


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Hello o/


I can't seem to make my ped killable in any way. The API;


 doesn't seem to do anything. I've tried using natives as well and messed around with the setHealth, getHealth, setMaxHealth & getMaxHealth APIs as well but with no luck. I also tried using relationshipGroups and making the player group able to damage the ped group.(Didn't work) I'm unable to detect the ped on the client event playerWeaponShot as so;

mp.events.add('playerWeaponShot', (targetPosition, targetEntity) => {
    targetEntity always returns null when hitting the ped.

So I'm running out of ideas.. Would I have to raycast from my gun when shooting and see if that perhaps hits the ped? Or is there an easier fix for my issue.




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