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Black screen with loading circle


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I've tried a lot of things to fix it, but still can't solve my problem.

A couple of days ago everything worked well, but now I can't join any server.

When I try to connect, everything goes well, but after GTA V starts launching I can see only black screen with loading circle and hear some game sounds (rain/main menu music), nothing happens(was waiting for 20 mins couple times for testing) (No errors or etc)

I tried: 
Disabling CEF and other options in Rage MP settings
Reinstalling RGL, RAGE MP, GTA V
Launching Steam and EGS versions of GTA V (Path to the game was changed in RAGE MP)
Running RAGE MP as an administrator
Turning off/on my Wi-Fi router
The only overlays I have is Nvidia and MSI Afterburner(RivaTuner), but game worked well with them earlier, anyways I tried turning them off, still not working
Reinstalling Nvidia dirvers

I think I forgot smth more, but I did a lot to fix that, but I still have that black screen 


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