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Switchable Audiooutput for Voice


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Hello everyone

since most Servers are slowly switching to Voice delivered by Rage there are a couple of lets say... downsides to it. With having a Teamspeak and the Multiplayer running side-by-side you can have the Gamesounds on your PC Speakers and the whole voice on your headset. Has the benefit of being able to hear everyone relatively clearly, which can be quite important when you have other players with sub-optimal microphone qualities and not going deaf when a siren is blaring for several minutes.

So what i propose is implementing switchable Audio In and Outputs for RageMPs Voice in the Launcher or ingame.

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Not all servers are going to have voice chat and this isn't a feature built into RageMP. Each server has to code it and implement it themselves if they want it so adding a setting into RageMP that isn't even built into every server doesn't seem efficient.

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