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Hello, can someone tell me how to get GTA V 1.43 version, last time I downloaded it from this forum, but no there is no link, and I tried to download the patch from different place but it doesn't work, so maybe can someone help me?

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I have a legit copy, but am getting same error. RageMP says I need 1.43, in game says I have 1.44. Does it make a difference I used a hex editor so that I dont have to watch the splash?

E: Looks like R:MP just needs an update, according to discord XD

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18 minutes ago, reddeadvid said:

I own the game, and I updated it right before playing it but now can't play.

You have to wait for the 0.4 Rage Client update before you can play with the latest GTA V version. ETA is unsure but it won't be long.

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