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High End PC - RAGEMP Freezes & Occasional Crashes


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Have tried several things to remedy this but no matter what I freeze when driving a vehicle or when a vehicle turns off, when exiting/entering an interior and many things that require loading. The issue is only with RAGEMP, even GTA V works absolutely fine.

Main PC Specs:

RTX 4090

R9 7950X


High Speed M.2 SSD

Windows 11


To make things clear and easier I have performed the following:

  • Upgraded from Windows 10 to 11
  • Using a different drive, from M.2 to HDD
  • Tweaking in-game settings - using the highest possible settings to encourage more GPU/CPU usage, using the lowest settings to increase baseline performance
  • Tried different servers to ensure that it wasn't just the server I primarily play on, issues still persist, obviously most servers don't allow manual engine turn on/off.
  • Changed DNS to and Cloudflare's DNS as this can fix some freezes.
  • Scoured the forums and the greater internet for both RAGEMP and GTA V freeze fixes, nothing has fixed it.
  • Switched from 240Hz to 144hz to 120hz to 60hz
  • Tried Fullscreen, Windowed Borderless and Windowed
  • Tweaked around with specific settings in the game and tried a combination of a few to see if balancing it out would work.

Anyone have other fixes?


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